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Live Plants, Creeping Fig, 7 Plants


- Ideal for a natural or bioactive vivarium or terrarium display
- Suitable for Rainforest, Forest and Jungle environments
- Creates ground cover for terrestrial species and a humid area to retreat for arboreal species
- 5-6cm pot size, 12-18cm height


Creeping Fig is a selection of 7 assorted plants ranging from a green colour to variegated. 

The Creeping Fig can either be grow on the floor of an enclosure to provide terrestrial species with cover or as a trailing plant to cover vertical surfaces and provide arboreal species a humid area to retreat. 

The plants can be placed in an enclosure within their existing pot or can be planted. 

Ideal for a bioactive set up, when used in conjunction with HabiStat and

Creeping Fig (Ficus) spread rapidly in all directions and will thrive under the Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Light which ensures spectacular growth and vibrancy. 
Please note plant types may vary from those shown. 

Environment: Rainforest, Forest and Jungle 

Plant Care 
Watering:  These plants like to be constantly moist but not standing in water. Once the top 0.5-1" of soil is dry the plant needs watering. Do not over water.
Humidity:  Likes above average to high humidity. Mist leaves a few times a week or use a humidifier. 
Temperature: 16-24°c 
Lighting: Arcadia. Likes bright, indirect light, can tolerate some direct sunlight but too much can scorch the leaves.


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