Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder & Bracket


- Secure fixture for safely holding basking lamps in place
- Easy to fit, versatile design
- Space saving
- Screw fitting


The Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder & Bracket is an easy to use, versatile E27 lamp holder.

Made from high quality components this lamp holder has been built to last and can be used with most heat sources up to 250W Watts.

Designed to be easily mounted in your reptile vivarium and to safely hold basking lamps in place. The bracket can be screwed directly onto a wooden vivarium allow you to quickly and easily fit a lamp whilst making the very best use of the space.

The lamp holder has an integral power switch to provide on/off control.

Please note all heat sources must be used with a and a good quality thermostatic system.

Suitable for Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Chameleons, Tortoises, Turtles & Terrapins, Corn Snakes, Tree Frogs, Crested Gecko and Royal Python. Also suitable for Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Finches, Love Birds, Parakeets and Parrots.

Screw fitting. Voltage 220-240V/50HZ.

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Product CodeProduct DimensionsOuter DimensionsNet Weight (kg)Gross Weight (kg)
RADCHL5 x D8.7 x H10cmL9.4 x D9.7 x H22.7cm 0.340.42

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