Live Plants, Forest Mix, 20 Plants


- Ideal for natural vivarium displays
- Creates cover for both arboreal and terrestrial species
- Selection of 20 plants
- Suitable for Jungle, Rainforest and Forest environments
- Stand alone plant for your reptile room or living space


Forest Mix is a selection of 20 assorted plants including a Peace Lily.

The plants can be placed in a vivarium within their existing pot or can be planted. 

Suitable for a bioactive set up, when used in conjunction with HabiStat and

Please note plant types may vary from those shown.

Environment: Jungle, Rainforest and Forest
Care & Watering: When planted, these plants will usually receive the required water from the spray systems used to obtain humidity levels but the soil will require occasional watering. If kept in their pot, water from the base of the plant and do not allow the pot to sit in water. It is important not to overwater Peace Lilies.


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