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  • Arcadia T5, D3+ Dragon T5 Lamp, 14% UVB

Arcadia T5, D3+ Dragon T5 Lamp, 14% UVB


- For desert species
- Flicker free
- Produces excellent natural light
- Long 12 month lifespan


The Arcadia Reptile D3+ Dragon Reptile T5 Lamp 14% UV-B lamp is the replacement T5 tube for the and . Choose from 24 watts up to 54 watts.

The Arcadia Reptile Dragon Lamp is a bold, white, full spectrum and very bright High Output T5, UVB projection lamp for captive reptiles.

The lamp represents an almost doubling of light (LUX) and has a CRI of over 95 which will you as the keeper to see your animal in all of its natural glory.

For an arid species like a Bearded Dragon, the upper index basking distance (UV-I 6.00) should be set at 15 inches (35-40 cm) from the reflected lamp to the animal's back at the basking spot or shortest point. This will allow you to create 'wild-like' indexes of energy with an energy rich, wide basking zone whilst providing ample access to light and shade for natural self-regulation.

The increased level of UV-B energy which is balanced with 30% UV-A ensures that this lamp is simply perfect to be used in vivarium of 24"/60cm high or more. It will also help greatly for those that use terraria with a mesh top as the extra energy will allow light to penetrate deeper into the enclosure, providing wild-like indexes of UV-B at a safer distance. Suitable for use in ProT5 kits and single and twin HO-T5 controllers.

Suitable for Bearded Dragons, Tortoises, Turtles & Terrapins.

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Instructions & Downloads

How to use:
Place your lamp into your Arcadia Reptile ProT5 Kit and easily fix inside of a vivarium, rest upon a wire meshed glassed terrarium, hang above an enclosure or hang within (where safe to do so). Then simply change the lamp once a year.

Product Care:
Unplug from the mains and allow to cool. Gently wipe with a dry cloth to clean away any dust.

Warnings and Safety:
Please follow the supplied instructions for setup and safety.

More Information

Product CodeProduct DimensionsOuter DimensionsNet Weight (kg)Gross Weight (kg)
RFD3D24T5L55 x D1.6 x H1.6cmL2.1 x D2.1 x H58.5cm 0.050.08
RFD3D39T5L85 x D1.6 x H1.6cmL2.1 x D2.1 x H88.5cm 0.070.11
RFD3D54T5L115 x D1.6 x H1.6cmL2.1 x D2.1 x H118cm 0.090.15

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