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About Monkfield Reptile

Over the years, we have become more than just a nutrition company, so it made sense to reflect this in our brand identity. With high-quality live and frozen food, the best lighting and heating systems around, as well as supplying thermostats and vivariums to the pet industry worldwide, we are now the leading supplier of everything reptile; we are Monkfield Reptile.


Monkfield Nutrition

Over 30 years experience of breeding high-quality live and frozen food in a variety of shapes and sizes, including bulk packs. 

Well established captive breeding programme with animal breeding rooms tailored to each species. 

Comprehensive guides, care sheets and blogs to help you understand how best to care for your animal.




Lighting and Heating systems used by professionals and zoos all over the globe. 

An all-natural range of wholesome products, EarthPro Supplements and foods, which fully compliment the cycles and processes allowed for by exposure to light. 

Easy access to a wealth of resources from interactive lighting guides, feeding guides to podcasts, product videos, articles and books in order to help keepers understand their animals.




Market-leading products designed with both the beginner and experienced keeper in mind. 

Reliable, high quality products developed to not only help keepers create the right environment for their reptile but to make a difference. 

Sharing our passion and knowledge where ever possible to help keepers enrich the life of their reptile.