Live Plant, Climbers, Single


- Suitable for a natural vivarium displays
- Creates cover for both arboreal and ground species
- Rapid growth
- Suitable for Jungle, Rainforest and Forest environments
- Stand alone plant for your reptile room or living space


Scindapsus Climber is a great plant for large coverage within an enclosure. 

Scindapsus Climbers grow rapidly and spread out in all directions.  They range from a green colour to variegated and will thrive under the Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Light which ensures spectacular growth and vibrancy. 

Suitable for a bioactive set up, when used in conjunction with HabiStat and

Please note plant types may vary from those shown. 

Environment: Rainforest, Forest and Jungle 

Plant Care 
Watering: These plants like to be constantly moist but not standing in water. Once the top 1-2" of soil is dry the plant needs watering. Do not over water. Benefits from occasional misting a few times a week.
Humidity: Likes above average to high humidity. Mist leaves a few times a week or use a humidifier. 
Temperature: 18-28c 
Lighting: Arcadia . Avoid full sunlight.


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